Your company’s Bank account

An account presents greater opportunities for everyday convenience – transfers, deposits and withdrawals, payment card servicing, financing, and other banking essentials

Open an account at Magnetiq Bank Client Service Centre

Extremely quick, reliable transfers to any country in the world
Choice of currencies for cross-border transfers
Orders accepted via the Internet Bank or at the Magnetiq Bank Client Service Centre
Wide-ranging network of correspondent banks

An escrow account helps companies and individuals to plan sale and purchase transactions securely with a variety of movable and real properties. The buyer, seller and Magnetiq Bank conclude a tripartite agreement stipulating the term of the transaction

An escrow account is opened
The buyer remits the amount of the transaction
The seller files the necessary documentation and presents it to Magnetiq Bank
The Bank reviews the documents presented
If the documents match the terms of the agreement, the Bank executes the transaction: the seller receives the funds, while the buyer receives the original documentation

Currency transactions

Exchange of currencies held on your account

Our internet bank enables financial operations and quick access to your cash flow information at any time of day

24/7 access
Extensive functionality
SMS notifications about account operations
Lower fees compared to our Client Service Centre

Autentificacijas riki

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Magnetiq Bank
mobile app

Magnetiq Bank mobile app makes working with Magnetiq Bank and using services much more secure, convenient, fast and simple.


The mobile app enables 24/7 transactions in the Internet bank from anywhere in the world.


The mobile app is available for iOS and Android smartphones, and clients can easily download the mobile app for free from the App Store and Google Play. Magnetiq Bank app does not work on decoded smartphone devices.




Mobile app is intended for:

Authenticate with the Internet Bank using a PIN
Authenticate with the Internet bank using biometric data from your device
Approve documents and applications addressed to the Bank
Monitor your account: view transactions and reserved amounts
Approve payments up to EUR 15 000 per month
Work online
Using after activation of the current account in the Internet bank
Two-step or strong authentication


Magnetiq Bank mobile app installation and usage instruction

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Magnetiq Bank informs that the information provided in the electronic application will be used to contact you with regards to the Bank services you are interested in and for necessary background checks before establishing a business relationship.

The processing of personal data in the Bank is carried out in accordance with the “Notice to Data subjects regarding the Processing of Personal Data by Magnetiq Bank.”