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Magnetiq Bank is acutely aware of its social responsibility, and is paying particular attention to integrating international standards and sustainable development priorities in all of its core processes and lines of business.


The bank previously committed to reducing the negative environmental impact of its products and services in line with global targets set at the business strategy level, working responsibly with its clients, encouraging sustainable economic methodologies among its corporate partners.


The Bank has embraced electronic document circulation to decrease the impact of paper production and processing on the environment.

Magnetiq Bank is willing to offer attractive conditions for green business initiatives that implement environmental impact management and audit systems.


The Bank intends to focus on those sectors of the national economy that facilitate Latvia’s movement towards producing products with added value, environmentally-conscious economic activities, stability and predictability of development across various industries.

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Upholding and protecting the business reputations of Magnetiq Bank and its clients by preventing involvement in money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferations is a major priority in the Bank’s activities.


The Bank regularly enhances its KYC procedures to ensure that human rights are always treated with respect.

Employees and
labour rights


Magnetiq Bank values its cooperation with each employee and provides employment in strict adherence to universal human rights. The Bank respects the preferences and abilities of its staff in doing everything they can to improve the quality of work that they do.


The Bank maintains a policy of gender equality and zero tolerance for any form of gender discrimination in hiring and employment.



Magnetiq Bank abides by the laws, regulations and standards of compliance protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals pertaining to the processing of personal data.



Magnetiq Bank holds its financial services to a high standard. If you have a complaint about our service, you can always give us feedback. The Bank considers complaints in accordance with its General Terms of Service.

By understanding responsibility for transitioning to environmentally-conscious processes, the Bank has overhauled its interior spaces, making them greener.


Clients and employees of the bank can enjoy a sense of harmony with nature. As you enter Magnetiq Bank from the street, you find yourself in a serene oasis filled with natural light, sounds of the forest, and natural vegetation. Every aspect contributes to a sense of careful handling of our planet’s resources and mindful consumption.

Granite is a natural material, and using it has resulted in atmospheric emissions savings
The glass dome lets in natural light and provides illumination for the entire lobby (the lighting fixtures are more decorative than functional) as another point in favour of sustainability
7-metre vertical vegetal wall with automated maintenance certainly breathes some life and warmth into the interior
The conference rooms desks are made from innovative natural material – Valchromat

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The processing of personal data in the Bank is carried out in accordance with the “Notice to Data subjects regarding the Processing of Personal Data by Magnetiq Bank.”