Our clients have access to a wide range of banking services:

Current account
Internet bank
Magnetiq Bank mobile app

Payment cards are a simple and reliable way to keep money safe, settle for purchases, withdraw cash at an ATM, or place a booking online. We’ll help select the best Mastercard payment card for you

With our attractive usage terms, businesses stand to gain a lot from actively using card terminals. You can rent a stationary terminal installed at a point of sale, or a mobile one to accept payment for a delivery or bring to a fair or farmer’s market

Free application processing up to 3 working days
You can operate our POS terminals throughout Latvia
This service is readily available to holders of Visa and Mastercard payment cards

Our technological and financial solutions enable clients from various industries and business areas to accept payments for goods and services from anywhere in the world. We offer an e-commerce service in cooperation with Visa and Mastercard, as well as the integration of Apple Pay as an additional payment method on your website or mobile application

We provide access to the world’s top markets and exchanges, spanning the entire spectrum of financial instruments – stocks, bonds, etc.

If you transact in different currencies and require currency exchange, fluctuations in rates can lead to unexpected losses. You can mitigate this risk and plan your revenue more effectively with foreign exchange deals

Place your funds in a deposit account to create savings for the future. By depositing funds with us for a specific term, you receive stable, guaranteed interest income

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