The exchange is made on the current day, or c+1, c+2 after the conclusion of the transaction, according to in advance coordinated course

Individual exchange rate, if exchange operation exceeds 5 000 EUR or equivalent amount in another currency
Possibility to leave order in a Bank for currency conversion’s, to convert the currency when the rate will be the best for you
Currency exchange deals can be made weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00

Exchange deals, which allows to sell or buy a particular currency, in period of 3 Bank’s working days till 1 year after the deal date, in accordance with pre-agreed rate

Free of charge

Deal by which you enter into an agreement with the Bank to exchange currency at a certain rate and at the same time agree to a specific time to return the Bank to the amount in the initial currency at a fixed rate

Eliminates the possibility of getting losses on exchange
Allows to get the missing currency, exchanging her surplus funds in another currency without getting currency risk
Ability to change the date of the deal and move to a more comfortable and convenient time
Free of charge

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